Alexander Zass - Isometrics Exerciser

Published: 23rd April 2010
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Alexander Zass, who was also identified as being the -- Amazing Samson -- is considered being the father of modern-day isometric exercises.

It really is believed that he developed his amazing physique while a prisoner of war. He had been chained by his hands and legs, and the only workout he could do was yanking against his chains. Basically, an isometric contraction. After his get away from prison, he became a circus strongman and traveled all around Europe performing feats of power.

Interestingly enough, Alexander Zass refused to perform feats of power that demanded weight lifting. In fact, most individuals of his day believed he acquired his physique by utilizing free weights. Nonetheless, Alexander Zass would openly deny that his strength was the result of weight-lifting.

Weightlifters of that day were really angry with his assertions.

The thing is that they all suspected that he had produced his physique and power by weight lifting. And this accounted for his ability to perform strongman stunts for instance -- bursting chains that were wrapped close to his chest. Little did they know that he acquired the skill as a prisoner of war.

Here are A few Extra Details About Zass

Zass, born in Poland however afterwards relocated to Russia. Was captured by the German army during WW 1 and jailed. Finally, he escaped prison and returned to Russia.

Not much is recognized about his childhood days. Aside from the fact he first became impressed with strength and sturdy men -- when the circus came into the city. Seeing the circus artists stimulated teenage Zass to start training. At very first, he would scale trees to gain strength in his upper body. Later on he created a few barbells and hand weights and started out training with them.

He was one of the first individuals who talked about the idea of developing "Tendon Power." In his course... "Samson Systems and Methods" he expounded on the concept that to be able to be really strong your tendons -- must be as powerful or stronger than your muscles. Which is what probably lead to his development of isometric exercise. He deduced that so as to become powerful you need to develop your connective tissues -- the tendons -- prior to focusing on strengthening the muscle fibers.

He reasoned that the finest method to try and do this was isometric exercise.

One of the interesting things that occurred to him while in prison (simply because he fled so very often) is they put guards within the cell with him. Sadly, for them it did not do the job.

It really is safe to think that it is in prison where he figured out the best way to split chains. Later on he produced an isometric workout that used a chain like device. He also published a training program and educational training course that detailed his use of isometrics using chains.

Right after the war, he visited Greater london and performed his incredible feats of strength. The tabloids gave him the moniker , Amazing Samson. He immediately became a superstar of his day. Consequently, he enjoyed a increase from the sale of his courses and isometric exercises programs.

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